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About Sales Assured

Sales Assured is an initiative designed to ensure the best practice in face to face marketing for customers. We do not engage sales agents or fundraisers, however we work with the companies that do so and they are the Members of Sales Assured.

Representatives engaged by our Members are held accountable for their behaviour and complete training as part of their accreditation.

With a commitment to improving the customer experience, Sales Assured has established guidelines to improve service standards. These include standards in recruitment, training, accreditation and ongoing monitoring of representatives. In this way, customers can be confident when buying dealing with representatives face to face at their door, on the street, at a kiosk or at their business.

Those companies which choose to be Members are demonstrating their commitment to improving the standards of face to face marketing across many industry sectors. The robust standards can apply for energy, telcos, Pay TV, energy efficiency, charities and more. Some members also choose to have their telephone sales agents accredited with Sales Assured.

Whilst recognising that there are laws, such as the Australian Consumer Law, that govern face to face sales and fundraising, Sales Assured aims to lift the bar further and ensure the strictest compliance and most ethical practices by sales agents and fundraisers when dealing with customers face to face.


Members only engage sales people who meet stringent requirements

These requirements include:


Sales Assured members go to great lengths in recruitment

Members' Assessment Process

Members assess agents using this or a similar assessment template.


Customers can expect high quality sales people

Representatives must:

  • Never visit a premise with a "Do Not Knock" or "No Canvassing" notice.@
  • Only call during permitted times of the day.@
  • Be courteous, professional and respect your wishes.
  • Cease contact when you advise the agent that the contact is inconvenient, unwelcome or inappropriate.
  • Always identify themselves and provide their name, the company they represent and their ID.
  • Communicate with you clearly and truthfully and never use high pressure sales tactics.
  • Explain any cooling-off period and let you know what will happen if you proceed.
  • Ensure that you understand the terms of any agreement inclusive of any price and associated fees.
  • Never exploit your inexperience or vulnerability.
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations.

If any of these standards are not being met, please contact the company that engaged the representative or call Sales Assured on 0412 206 621.

Sales Agent Training & Guidelines

Agents are trained to ensure they understand potential breaches and are provided this Guideline for Sales Agents

@ does not apply to fundraisers


Sales are verified

After a door-to-door interaction has been completed, an independent person needs to verify that you were satisfied with the way the activity was conducted and that you are entering into a contract if that is the case.



The following organisations are members of Sales Assured:

  • 1st Energy
  • Alinta Energy
  • APPCO Group
  • Apex Alliance
  • Aus Solar Co
  • Engage Energy Solutions
  • Ethical Prospecting
  • Genius Direct
  • Cova U
  • Impetus Marketing
  • Lumo Energy
  • Origin Energy
  • Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (AU)*
  • Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (NZ)*
  • Red Energy
  • Redwood BC
  • Redwood BC
  • Residential Connections
  • SalesMate
  • Simply Energy
  • The SMART Group
  • Tango Energy
  • Teris Marketing
  • United Solar

* The Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (Aust & NZ) membership includes membership for all of their members. To find out more about PFRA or their membership, please visit or



  • Aura Marketing Group
  • Aurora Interactive
  • The Collins Group
  • Evolution Marketing
  • More Marketing Group
  • OA Business Solutions
  • Onup Group
  • Playfair & Co
  • Sales Connect
  • Unite Marketing
  • Vixar Direct

# Independent Business Unit (sub-agency) members are generally engaged by a principal marketing company.

Sponsor Members


Membership enquiries

To find how to improve the standard of your face to face activities, please call 0412 206 621.

Membership is open to any corporate or marketing company conducting door to door or kiosk activities to residential and small business consumers. We can also help companies who wish to accredit their telesales personnel.

Members have access to training and assessment materials that are regularly updated. To find our more about SAL Guidelines or the breaches that can lead to Deregistration, contact

Also, please ask how you can be involved as a sponsor member.